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The Housemaids Insurance product is designed in accordance to the directives of the Ministry of Labor in respect of the House Maids Insurance policy for the year 2015 (published in the Official Gazette No. 5370 dated 1 December 2015).
It is composed of three elements being:

  1. Personal Accidents Insurance covering Accidental Death, Total & Permanent Disability due to accident, Partial & Permanent Disability due to accident, Death due to suicide, Transportation of mortal remains to airport of country of origin of the housemaid or costs of burial in Jordan.
  2. Medical Insurance (In hospital only).
  3. The Financial Losses Insurance covering Leaving the work to unknown destination; refusal of the housemaid to work and deportation to country of origin; Inability of the housemaid to work; death of the housemaid; Total & Permanent Disability due to accident of the housemaid; Partial & Permanent Disability due to accident of the housemaid; deportation of the housemaid due to being unfit health-wise or failing the medical examination or being pregnant at date of entry to the country; deportation due to government/ administrative decision and Medical care expenses necessary during deportation to country of origin.