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Schooling Plan (Hatta Yedersou)

Our children have many dreams and goals, which cannot be reached without adequate education.

Did you think of ways to insure the continuity of your children's schooling that provide them good future?

Hatta Yedersou Schooling Plan is designed to insure the continuity of children’s schooling tuitions in case of death or Permanent Total disability.

The Schooling Plan is built according to the following criteria:


A decreasing indemnity paid in annuities defined by the
customer in case of:

  •  Death or disability due to illnesses or accidents.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Moderate monthly premiums, automatically debited from the bank account with no additional banking charges.
  • Possibility to choose the contract period starting from 4 year.
  • Possibility to choose the passive war risk coverage.
  • Possibility to choose the currency of the plan: JD or USD.

This plan can be purchased only through the Arab Bank branches.