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Personal Accidents

The Group Personal Insurance plan can be adjusted to the needs of each and every Corporation. As a minimum, it will pay the sum assured upon the death of the insured employee due to a covered accident. The plan covers the insured 24 hours a day all over the world. One or more additional benefits could be added to the covers of the plan. Such additional benefits are:

  1. Permanent and Total Disability (PTD) due to Accident.
  2. Permanent and Partial Disability (PPD) due to Accident (based on the Limited Scale of Disabilities).
  3. Temporary and Total Disability (TTD) due to Accident.
  4. Medical Expenses (Medex) due to covered accidents.

An accident is defined as a sudden, violent, external, visible, incidental and un-intentional act that leads solely and directly to an injury in which event the Company will pay the sums mentioned in the Schedule of Benefits.