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Dread Diseases (Critical Illnesses)

“Peace of mind from the financial impact of serious illnesses”
The Dread Diseases Insurance plan pays a lump sum amount (equal to the full sum assured) if the insured person is diagnosed for one of the covered 10 Critical Illnesses (listed hereunder).
The employer as the beneficiary from this insurance can make use of the awarded amount to benefit his employee in a number of ways, such as:

  • To subsidize the high cost of medical treatment if the illness is uncovered by the medical insurance or seeking of further consultation or more advanced procedures abroad (if needed) .
  • To compensate the employee for end of service.
  • To offer the employee an additional benefit, to be spent by him or her at own discretion during this hard time, be it to cover costs of proper convalescence or even costs of travel for relaxation or leisure.

Covered Diseases:
  1. Stroke
  2. Cancer
  3. First Heart attack (myocardial infarction)
  4. Coronary artery (bypass) surgery
  5. Kidney failure
  6. Major Organ Transplant
  7. Motor Neuron Diseases
  8. Parkinson’s Disease
  9. Benign Brain Tumors
  10. Multiple sclerosis
  11. End Stage Liver Failure
  12. Muscular Dystrophy
  13. Alzheimer's Disease/Fever Dementia
  14. Coma
  15. Major Burns
  16. Paralysis