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Life & Medical

Life Insurance:
As part of the Employees Benefits Bouquet, the Group Life Insurance plan can be adjusted to match the needs of each and every Corporation. As a minimum, it will pay the sum assured upon the death of the insured employee. The plan covers the insured employee 24 hours a day and all over the world. One or more additional benefits could be added to the covers of the plan. Such additional benefits are:

  1. Accidental Death Benefit (Double Indemnity).
  2. Permanent and Total Disability (PTD) due to Accident or Sickness.
  3. Permanent and Partial Disability (PPD) due to Accident or Sickness (based on the Comprehensive & Continental Scale of Disabilities).
  4. Temporary and Total Disability (TTD) due to Accident or Sickness.
  5. Passive War Risks (PWR) Benefit that covers the Death or Disability of the insured employee resulting directly or indirectly as a consequence to any war or war-like operations (including Acts of Terrorism).
  6. Medical Expenses due to a covered accident.
  7. Repatriation.

Medical Insurance:
Group Medical Insurance plan is tailor-made to cater for the needs of each and every corporation. It covers both In-patient Treatments (Hospitalization) and Out-patient treatments. Cover is available for a number of additional Benefits for the corporation to choose from as suits its needs. A corporation may opt for a plan based on Open/ Cash system for reimbursement of incurred medical expenses. Another option is available, being the designated system based on a network of about 2800 healthcare providers spread all over Jordan. The network is managed in-house by Al-Nisr. Such an arrangement will ensure a direct, flexible and speedy communication with Al-Nisr to facilitate rendering of service and follow-up of processing of claims. To guarantee the provision of the highest level of service worthy of Al-Nisr's prestigious clientele, three staff members will be dedicated for the service of each client. The assigned customer relation manager/officer will handle the administrative aspects of the program and respond to any query. A Senior staff member will be the Back-up. For after office hours, a senior claim analyst will be accessible to respond to queries of urgent nature.