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Dar Maktab - Home/Office

Sometime ago, my son asked me if his friend from school could live with us. He said that their house had burnt down and they had nowhere to live. My wife was shocked and I began to think about what if something similar happened to our house God Forbid.

That day I bought an insurance policy and this is what told my wife that night:

"We can't afford not to have it… Lets hope we never need it…"

Dar Maktab is A conventional contract that provides safety and security for your property due to fire, explosion, lightning and impact of vehicles.
This contract also covers the third party liability and the neighbor's recourse in the event of fire or explosion.

Also this plan has optional expandable covers (Golden & Platinum) that might include but not limited to:

Basic covers:

• Fire
• Lightning
• Explosion
• Impact of third party vehicles
• Aircraft and articles dropped there from
• Flood, storm and tempest
• Earthquakes
• Burglary by Forcible Entry/Exit

Additional covers:

• Insured's legal liability toward third party/ neighbors and owner due to Fire and Explosion
• Escape of water / water damage
• Accidental Glass Breakage
• Loss of rent
• Removal of debris and architects fees
• Armed Robbery
• Boiler Explosion