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Medical Plan (Balsam)

Did you think of the nowadays increasing medical expenses in case of Hospitalization?

Did you think of ways to remain insured against illness in the coming years?


Balsam, The life Time Plan Guarantees you an Automatic Renewal Medical Insurance that provides access to the most advanced medical Hospitals and centers in Jordan.


In Patient Coverage:

• 100% Coverage;
• JD 12,500 maximum per case limit;
• JD 125,000 maximum limit;
• JD 1,250 per case limit for delivery cases including new born expenses;
• Maximum coverage age up to the 75 years;


Out Patient Coverage (Optional):

• Laboratory tests performed by labs inside and / or outside hospitals;
• X-rays, Ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI, and nuclear medicine tests to be carried out only in radiology centers;
• Physical therapy treatment should be done exclusively in physiotherapy centers, for a maximum of 15 sessions for each insured per policy year;
• Each insured is allowed a regular check up test once per policy year.

Cancer Coverage (Optional):
You have the option to choose between two limits:
•JD 10,000 as the maximum limit
•JD 20,000 as the maximum limit