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Retirement Planning (Liberty Plus)

Are you planning for your retirement years?
Are you planning to give your children the chance to build their career and families?
Are you thinking of buying your own house to become the place of joy and happiness for your family & loved ones?
Are your financial resources available to satisfy your ambitions & future hopes?
Then it's time for you to discover what we can offer through the Liberty Plus program.
Liberty Plus Retirement Savings Plan is a tailor-made contract that suits your own choice to provide peace of mind whilst saving for retirement and protection for your family:

Covers of the Plan:
  • Natural or accidental death coverage.
  • Total permanent disability coverage due to sickness or accidents (Optional).
  • Death, total permanent disability, partial permanent disability coverage due to an accident (Optional).
  • Death, total permanent disability coverage due to passive war (Optional).

Why Liberty Plus?
  • Protection & savings.
  • Comfortable retirement at your chosen age.
  • 3.5% minimum guaranteed return on your investment in JD & 2 % in USD.
  • Protection against inflation.
  • Convenient payment facilities.
  • Loans facilities from your investment at any time.
  • Guaranteed peace of mind.