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Mission Statement

Dedicating our resources towards providing our clients with the Finest Service at competitive terms; Satisfying our shareholders with Sustainable Growth and optimum return; Rewarding our employees amid a Continuous Learning and personal development environment; Partnering with our society to create a Better Tomorrow.

Product Developments & Innovations:
Since the founding of the company, Al-Nisr has been an innovator in the local market ameliorating on new insurance concepts and solutions developed in Europe. While these products are at the leading edge of new financial solutions, Al-Nisr has been adapting these concepts to fit the needs of the local market. In addition to providing the complete range of Non-Life insurances, our strength lies in individual retirement and education planning as well as employee benefit, retirement schemes, Medical & Borrowers Group Life Insurance.

Al-Nisr is also continuously looking for new ways to distribute its products and services to its various segments of clients and our Information Technology imported from our partners has allowed us to achieve this goal efficiently. New developments in IT allowed us to explore new and economic methods of distribution such as Bancassurance.

Training & Development:
Our emphasis on continuous training and development of our Human Resources is not only a paramount requirement of our company; it also reflects individual strong beliefs that our future as a successful entity relies heavily on this most important of all assets. Having a major multinational group as a partner in our company has placed under our discretion the training and teaching resources of a large number of qualified and skillful individuals. Our employees continuously attend training seminars in several countries focused primarily on the technical and marketing aspect of our business. While local & internal workshops are always being organized in order to develop the Managerial Skills of our employees, our close cooperation with the Chartered Insurance Institute has allowed us to organize such events for our employees in Jordan, while our reliance on Local training firms grows by the day.