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"Dedicating our resources to provide our clients with the finest service at competitve terms; satisfying our shareholders with sustainable growth and optimum return; rewarding our employees amid a continuous learning and personal development enviroment; partnering with our society to create a better tomorrow."

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Retirement Planning (Liberty Plus):It is a tailor-made contract that suits the client’s own choice to provide peace of mind whilst saving for retirement and protection for his family.
Education Planning (Universities Plus):It is a tailor-made contract that suits the client’s own choice to provide for his children's education and guarantees the continuity of their schooling and university tuition payments.
Critical Illnesses Medical:Programs that provide insurance covers and immediate protection to a group of related individuals under one contract with special benefits.
Property All Risks Insurance:This kind of insurance covers any accidental loss or damage that is not specifically excluded under the policy.
Medical Network
Travel Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
News & Events
(Amman- December 2014) Al-Nisr Al-Arabi sponsored the new concert presented by the Jordanian choir Dozan wa Awtar, titled “An Eastern Christmas” under the leadership of Shireen Abu Khader. The concert was conducted by Missak Baghboudarian and directed by Nedy Muna. The musical event took place on the 9th until the 14th of December at the Terra Santa Theater in Jabal Al-Luweibdeh. Al-Nisr Al-Arabi Insurance Company, Jordan’s leading comprehensive insurance services provider and a member of the A..
(Amman-3 December, 2014)- Al Nisr Al Arabi Insurance Company, part of the Arab Bank Group, renews its partnership agreement with Al Marji’ Publications for the fourth year. "We are glad to be working with Al Marji’ Publications, as both magazines, Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh and Family Flavours, are the top publications in Jordan focusing on family and social issues. The past three years witnessed successful cooperation between both companies and we see this partnership continuing in the future” says the ..